Rothammels Antenna Book

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Translated and revised from the 13th German edition

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For many years, radio amateurs have been using this reference book, which has acquired a firm place in amateur-radio literature as an "antenna cookbook." Dating back to the fifties, it has developed into a comprehensive reference book for practical use, which has been publishedin numerous German-language editions.
In the interest of a generally comprehensible presentation, theory is deliberately simplified, but practice is treated in great detail so that even readers without special technical training are able to reproduce the described antennas without any problems.
But the antenna book will also offer the "old hands" something new, give suggestions for their own developments and provide an overview of the international state of antenna technology from the point of view of amateur radio.
The demand for the German-language editions published to date suggests that this practical method of sharing knowledge will also be popular on an international level. Some antenna forms of regional relevance became internationally known only by the description in amateur radio literature.
In this way, they were included in the worldwide exchange of experience among ham-radio operators and further developed. The antenna book wants to be a link in this exchange of experience because it makes even less well-known developments and constructive solutions accessible to more radio enthusiasts interested in antenna technology.

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